Circuit judge approves amended bond terms for elder abuse suspect

Elder abuse suspect Ann Harrison of Oak Grove appeared in Christian Circuit Court on Wednesday where her bond terms were amended to allow her to go to a storage unit in Clarksville to retrieve financial records for her case.

Harrison was arrested in connection to the death of 70-year-old Anthony Gilstrap who she was responsible for taking care of. Harrison is facing charges of murder, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Harrison’s defense attorney Stephanie Mize requested for Harrison, who is out on an ankle monitor, to have her bond amended in order for her to access financial records.

Mize says the financial records could play a role as evidence in the case since Harrison is facing a charge of financial exploitation.

Mize requested for some of Harrison’s bond regulations to be alleviated in order for her to be able to access the financial records. Circuit Court Judge Andrew Self and Christian Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Bolen approved the amended bond.

Harrison will reappear in court on October 11.