Women from Hopkinsville, Clarksville sought after Paducah attempted robbery

Paducah police are looking for two women from Hopkinsville and Clarksville in connection with a stolen vehicle and attempted robbery.

They allege 38-year old Latasha Taylor of Clarksville went into a store near Kentucky Oaks Mall last Friday afternoon and handed a clerk a note saying a man who was holding her hostage would shoot someone if they didn’t give her money.

Taylor fled when the clerk called police and allegedly left the area in a car reported stolen out of Clarksville that was also occupied by 25-year old Marissa Hicks of Hopkinsville.

Investigation in the area was unsuccessful in determining their whereabouts or turning up any information to back up Taylor’s story, according to a news release.

Police say Taylor currently is out on bond after being arrested in Tennessee and Hicks is charged in a warrant from Florida with probation violation.

Taylor is charged with second-degree robbery for the incident at the Paducah store and she and Hicks both are charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Anyone with information about the women’s whereabouts should call the Paducah Police Department at 270-444-8550.