Pennyrile, HES continuing broadband expansion project

Expansion of broadband fiber internet access in the region continues in a partnership between HES Energy Net, Pennyrile Electric and the counties.

Richard Shaw with Energy Net and Brent Gilkey with Pennyrile appeared on WHOP Thursday morning, with Shaw saying the pandemic exposed how needed broadband expansion was in rural areas of Kentucky.

Christian Fiscal Court designated $13 million of its COVID relief funds to the project, while Todd and Trigg County each gave $2 million. Gilkey says the partnership wouldn’t have been feasible without the counties’ cooperation.

It will take a while to get access to everyone and Shaw says they’re building out from where they already have infrastructure into unserved areas.

Six counties served by Pennyrile Electric are in the current project and Gilkey says they’re currently building over 50 miles a month with plans to expand that to 100 miles a month.

Listen to the entire interview below: