Two Clarksville fires appear to be related

Clarksville fire and police crews are on the scene of two residential fires from early Friday morning and they are thought to be related

One is in the 1600 block of Bevard Road and the second is in the 700 block of Lafayette Road.

Officials say the fire on Bevard was reported just before 4 a.m. and the fire on Lafayette Rd. was reported about 10 minutes later.  An initial search of both residences has been completed and it does not appear that there are any occupants at either residence.

Lafayette Road is currently shut down between Cherry Tree Drive and Cunningham Lane.  Clarksville police say the public needs to avoid this area and find an alternate route until the roadway is back open.

Clarksville Fire and Rescue say the fires appear to be related and there are no injuries and police say an investigation is ongoing.