Mike Foster retiring at end of August

Veteran Christian County Attorney Mike Foster made it known earlier this year he wouldn’t be seeking another term and announced at Tuesday morning’s Christian Fiscal Court meeting that he’ll be retiring at the end of this month.

Foster says he learned that recent changes in retirement law mean his family would stand to take on a substantial financial loss if he serves the remainder of his term. He says while his public service has never been completely financially motivated, he owes it to his family to step away a few months early.

Assistant County Attorney John Soyars is unopposed in the general election and Foster urged Judge-Executive Steve Tribble to appoint him to fill out the remainder of the year.

Foster says the word retirement is a misnomer in his case, as he plans to continue working as an attorney and to find new ways to serve the community.

He was elected as county attorney for the first time in 1981 after serving six years as an assistant to Tom Soyars and he thanked Christian County citizens who have continued to have confidence in him for so many years.

Foster praised the staff who have worked in his office—past and present—with a large group of those individuals in the courtroom for his announcement.

Listen to Foster’s entire statement below: