New parking options coming to Sixth Street

New parking availability will soon be coming to Sixth Street in Hopkinsville, after approval by Hopkinsville City Council at Tuesday’s meeting.

The parking lot will be constructed at the corner of Sixth Street and Virginia Street where the Peter Postell building once stood, before it was destroyed by fire in 2016.

An existing  lot at Sixth Street and South Main will be renamed “Arthur Plaza” in honor of Mac and Catherine Arthur.

Downtown Renaissance District Director Holly Boggess says the parking space is very much needed downtown and it’s just the first step they are taking to address those issues.

She says she expects the project to be completed within the next couple of months and then at some point they intend to have a public dedication with the Arthurs naming the area.

In other action, council approved the annual Inner-City REZ Budget of $500,000 with the only ‘no’ vote coming from Councilman Terry Parker. He says he voted no due to a private drive being paved recently using city funds, which he says council didn’t know about, with the Inner-City REZ monies being used to justify the paving.

The money used in the paving came from the Municipal Road Aid Fund, according to Parker. Council also approved a $1.1 million Surface Stormwater Utility Budget.

Carolyn Self was recognized by the Inner-City REZ Committee for her outstanding dedication to the program, the people it affects and the community as a whole.