Friends of LBL raising funds to upgrade planetarium

The Kiwanis Club of Hopkinsville heard from the Friends of the Land Between the Lakes at Thursday’s meeting, learning about the tourism of the lakes and projects they are undergoing.

The Friends of LBL is a non-profit group that works to improve the forest area by bringing fun, educational experiences such as the planetarium, the Woodland Nature Station, the dark sky area and more to the on average 1.6 million people who visit yearly.

James Gould with the group gave a history of LBL, which was originally known as the Land Between the Rivers until 1944, including the area’s heritage of pioneering, iron smelting and other pursuits. He says the area benefits not only visitor’s, but bolsters surrounding community’s economy.

The campaign continues to raise funds to complete renovations at the Golden Pond Planetarium, including installing new software and a new projector.

The Friends of LBL are also raising money to build a new Bobcat enclosure at the Woodlands Nature Station. For those interested in making a donation or seeing what events are happening in LBL, go online to land-between-the-lakes dot U-S or call 800-455-5897.