Commonwealth will take Desiree Catlett to trial again

After a mistrial was declared in April for Desiree Catlett—the woman charged with second-degree manslaughter for the 2016 death of her infant son—the Commonwealth has committed to going forth with a second trial.

The jury was unable to come to a verdict last time and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Maggie Gigandet told defense attorney Michael Thompson Wednesday that they will go to trial again.

Thompson asked for time to discuss the case and whether he will remain as Catlett’s lawyer for a second trial.

Judge Atkins says a trial date will be set in three weeks if there isn’t a plea deal.

Catlett’s nine-month old son fell into a bathtub while being bathed at their Evergreen Park Drive home in October, 2016 and emergency responders arrived to find the infant not breathing. The defense has contended his death was a tragic accident, while the Commonwealth attributes the death to wanton neglect.