Coroner candidates face off at Focus 21st Century forum

Focus 21st Century hosted a political forum Tuesday evening at Hopkinsville Community College between candidates running for Christian County coroner.

Democrats Melton Brooks and Zach Lamb shared the stage with Republican Scott Daniel as they fielded questions about the position and the duties that come with it.

Lamb, who is currently a deputy coroner, says it’s his goal to maintain quality service and make sure that grieving families have someone there to help them through the hardest times of their lives.

Brooks, minister and former funeral home director, says he will use his upbringing of public service to serve the people of Christian County with dignity and professionalism.

Daniel, a former firefighter, says he promises to always have prompt response to scenes, establish a coroner’s office and provide an unbiased choice in funeral homes.

Republican candidate Jane McKnight was not present for the final debate before the primary election on May 22. The winner from each party of the primary election will face-off in the general election in November.