Candidates for Christian Co. sheriff meet in final debate

Six of the eight men running for Christian County sheriff met in a final debate before the primary election next week at a political forum hosted by Focus 21st Century Tuesday evening.

Each candidate was given time to explain why the want to be Sheriff and give a list of their qualifications that would make them the best fit for the position. When asked what they would do to try and make the department more diverse, Democrat Kahle Morris says the department should be reflective of its community and he would start with a sheriff’s academy to generate diverse interest.

Democrat James Dragoo says he would implement programs to hire more diverse staff and would start diversity training with deputies.

Julius Catlett, who is also running as a Democrat, says that it starts with getting the youth of the community interested in being law enforcement officers.

Democrat Jerry Pepper says the hiring process is of vital importance and you have to find people who have what it takes to be a deputy.

Republican Chuck Inman says that not only do they need more people of color, they need more women as well, and he wants to make it happen in the department.

Republican Tyler DeArmond says he wants to utilize relationships with the military to get more diversity in the force.

Multiple topics were discussed at the forum, including what changes they would like to see happen at the department, how they feel the relationship between the sheriff’s department and the community is and more. Democrat Lyn Moe was unable to attend the forum.

Each candidate will be on the ballot for the primary election that takes place next Tuesday, May 22. The candidates that win in that election will go on to face off the in November general election, along with independent candidate Frank Pollard.

Hear the forum in full below: