Democratic City Council Ward 10 candidate talks community issues

Democratic City Council Ward 10 candidates, Angelita Atkins and Andra Gold were set to continue Thursday’s Hopkinsville League of Women Voters debate forums; however, Atkins was absent so Gold was given the opportunity to share his thoughts on community issues.

Gold was asked questions regarding what led to him running for city council, incentives for small businesses, how he would handle unmaintained properties and much more.

Regarding small businesses, Gold says he is all for providing them incentives because small businesses have a much harder time staying afloat in comparison to bigger businesses. However, Gold turned the question toward the public saying that the community also needs to shop at local businesses more often because that money stays in the community.

Regarding properties and land that is unkempt, Gold says some properties are in poor condition because the owners are deceased or have gotten older and are unable to maintain their property.

Gold says he would like to form a committee that works with owners to help restore their unmaintained properties.

The full Ward 10 Democratic debate is available on Facebook at League of Women Voters – Hopkinsville, KY. Gold and Atkins will go head-to-head on this year’s primary election ballot on May 21.