Christian County’s Anaysia Bagwell wins Player of the Week

This week’s Jennie Stuart Orthopedic – Michael Venable State Farm Player of the Week is Anaysia Bagwell.

Anaysia is a sophomore at Christian Co. High School and is also a member of the Lady Colonel basketball team.

Christian County is currently 16-8 (10-2 region record) on the season and have been led by Bagwell as she has averages 18.4 points per game.

For Bagwell, she explained how her basketball beginnings spawned from her younger years playing with her brother

Anaysia went on to talk about how as she’s continued to grow in her love for the sport, travel ball has been one of her favorite things to do because she gets to travel and play against a multitude of people.

With those experiences not only does she get to have fun, but also explained how it’s helped improve her game and prepare her for her high school seasons.

As far as her preseason experiences and prep for the season, Bagwell talked about what she feels she has improved on this year compared to last.

For Bagwell she is also a member of the Lady Colonel volleyball team and was asked if there are any similarities between the gym sports.

For Anaysia and the rest of her team they are on a roll as they have not lost a single game in 2024 and are on an 11-game win streak.

Not only did Anaysia give her assessment on the regular season but also talked about how eager she is to get postseason play started.

For Lady Colonel basketball head coach Kiki Radford, she has worked with Anaysia for a number of years now.

Radford talked about the first impression Anaysia gave her and the growth that she’s seen from her since their first encounter.

When asked about her relationship with Coach Radford, Anaysia explained how she appreciates the fact that Radford “never lets her settle for anything small.”

Radford explained why it’s important that she as a coach does that for her players.

After already being a 1000-point scorer, and known as one if not the best player in the 2nd region, it would be a surprise to find out Anaysia was just a sophomore.

She and Coach Radford talked about the pressure that comes with being so highy regarded and how it’s relieved throughout the season.

To see Bagwell and the rest of the Lady Colonels in action you can head to Christian County High School on Tuesday, February 27, at 6:00 p.m. as they will host Heritage Christian Academy in the first round of the 8th district tournament.

The game will also be aired on 95.3 The Farm with the F&M Bank Pregame show beginning at 5:45 p.m.