Commonwealth, Defense rest their cases in McHenry Street murder trial

Both defense and the Commonwealth have rested their case in Christian Circuit Court in the murder trial against Robert Torian, the man accused in the fatal shooting of Terrill Moore.

Trial began Monday afternoon and has moved quickly, with the Commonwealth resting their case Tuesday morning and the defense calling only two witnesses in the afternoon. One of those witnesses was Michael Parrott with the Kentucky State Police Central Forensics Lab, who detailed some of the DNA samples taken in this case. He said many of the samples were inconclusive on identifying any individual.

Special prosecutor Dennis Faust contends that those types of results aren’t abnormal, and many times DNA that was present from up to a week before an incident occurred can show up in the sample.

The jury also heard from Madison McCain, who attended the block party near McHenry Street where the shooting occurred that evening in 2019 with Torian. She says she doesn’t recall seeing any blood on Torian’s clothes when he returned from an argument with Moore, and said he was acting normally as far as she could tell, and to her knowledge he did not have a gun.

Proceedings will resume with closing comments and jury instructions on Thursday morning at 9 a.m.–and then the jury will begin their deliberations into a verdict.