Dietician looking to get healthier food options, vitamins in SNAP Benefits

It is time once again for the United States Congress to consider the Farm Bill and what it may look like when it comes up for a vote in 2023, and some folks are looking to get food with a better nutritional value on there. 

Part of the Farm Bill includes the language for SNAP benefits—once known as food stamps—and millions of Americans rely on that program to provide food for their families, and registered Dietician Carolina Schneider says it doesn’t always have the healthiest food options available and they’re hoping to have that changed moving forward.

Schneider says they’re also looking to get vitamins and other supplements put on the list for people to use their SNAP benefits on, as many people lack the means to purchase those items, but need the health benefits.

She says they’re asking people to reach out their congressman about the need for healthier food and those necessary vitamins—and there’s a website you can go to that can help in the effort.

They’re particularly focused on making sure people have access to Vitamin D, which plays an important role in many functions, from the immune system to mental health. 

While waiting for Congress to add these items to the Farm Bill through the SNAP benefits, Schneider says those who utilize those benefits can work on prioritizing nutrient dense foods over prepackaged food, grab frozen fruits and vegetables that provide the same nutrition while being more affordable and lasting longer, and try and have homemade meals over pro-packaged options. 

You can hear the interview in full below: