Guthrie man charged with assault of an officer, wanton endangerment

A Guthrie man is facing several charges, following an altercation with law enforcement on Meriweather Street Monday morning in Guthrie.

Guthrie Police Chief Dean Blumel responded to Meriweather Street reports of a dog running loose that could be vicious, but upon arrival, was met by 63-year-old Marvin Seibold of Guthrie, who began to make threatening statements.  He reportedly told Chief Blumel “you’re going to die first” and charged at him.

Chief Blumel was able to de-escalate the situation, but Seibold became irate again when told he would need to be handcuffed to be taken to the hospital. He reportedly tried to pull Chief Blumel’s gun off of his hip before being brought under control and taken into custody.

Seibold allegedly had another person place the call about a loose dog to get law enforcement to respond to the area.

Seibold is charged with third-degree assault of a peace officer, attempted disarming of a peace officer, second-degree wanton endangerment, first-degree disorderly conduct and false report of an incident to law enforcement.