Parole Board orders Carneal to serve out life sentence for Heath High School shooting

The full Kentucky Parole Board on Monday morning ruled that Michael Carneal will serve out the remainder of his life sentence in prison for the 1997 Heath High School shooting near Paducah that killed three students and injured five others.

Following deliberations, Board Chair Ladeidra Jones notified the now 39-year old Michael Carneal that it was their decision for him to spend the rest of his life incarcerated.

Carneal was 14 when he shot and killed Nicole Hadley, Jessica James and Kayce Steger, with family members of some of those victims testifying during a hearing last week and the injured victims telling representatives of the board about the impact on their lives in the 25 years since.

Carneal testified that he still hears voices as he did on the day of the shooting and sometimes experiences violent imagery and indicated that the voices now often tell him to harm himself.