Heritage Christian Wins KCAC State Title

Another year and another championship for the Lady Warriors.

Heritage Christian went to war on Saturday at the Bluegrass Sportsplex in an effort to bring home a KCAC state title.

They did so in resilient fashion.

It began with a matchup against Foundation. HCA would have no issue winning both sets in commanding fashion, 25-14 and 25-12.

That ability to dispatch their opponent in the Quarterfinals so quickly and decisively, may have aided them as the day went on.

The semifinals was a matchup with the Lady Falcons of North Hardin Classical.

The Lady Warriors dropped set one, close, 25-27, forcing the Lady Falcons to have to score extra points. This is where how your quarterfinal matchup went, can effect you.

While HCA gave up less than fifteen in both their sets, NHC gave up twenty plus to Jane Buchanan in both sets.

After that harder fought quarterfinal, and then a back and forth 1st set, the experience and resiliency too over for HCA.

Winning set two 25-22 and set three 15-12, the Lady Warriors showed that while they certainly were not going to blow a very talented opponent out, they had that little extra on Saturday.

That little extra carried over into the State Championship game, taking on Christian Fellowship.

Now I want to be very clear, there are good teams, then there are great teams, at least relative to their level. CFS is a great team.

They were 10-3 entering the tournament with wins over teams like Ballard Memorial, Calloway County, Hickman County, Graves and Marshall County, Murray, etc. They shy away from no one.

That being said, two of their three losses were a five set thriller with Madisonville-North Hopkins, an extremely gifted and talented team at any level, and Heritage Christian.

The Lady Warriors had already defeated the Lady Eagles once this year. It was back on September sixth and certainly growth and development can and have happened in that time. However, the confidence to comeback from down a set against NHC plus the knowledge that you have already beat this team, ultimately won the day.

HCA dropped set one 22-25, but much like they did earlier in the season, and just one game previous in the tournament, the Lady Warriors rallied the troops and prevailed 25-20 and 15-8 in subsequent sets to take home another title.

The season is not over though. Now the reigning KCAC State Champs get ready for a loaded back half of the season and a shot at a KCAA state title.

That campaign begins Monday night as HCA hosts Grace Christian Academy, varsity only at 5 pm!