Quick Hitting the NFL

>>Vrabel Stands By Late Game Decision In Giants Loss

(Nashville, TN)  — The head coach of the Titans is standing by his late game decision-making leading up to a missed field goal.  Coach Vrabel spoke to the media and said it was more important to call a timeout to set up a favorable angle for Randy Bullock rather than run another play to get a closer kick.  Vrabel said the team needed to be on the same page, so the plan was to put the ball on the right hash and, unfortunately, the potential game winner was missed.

>>Titans Make Several Roster Moves

(Nashville, TN)  — The Titans are making several roster moves following their 21-20 loss to the Giants.  The team announced yesterday linebacker Joe Jones and running back Trenton Cannon were added to the 53-man roster from the practice squad.  The team also signed linebacker Jack Gibbens to the practice squad in a following move.

>>Zac Taylor Explains Decision Making In Bengals Loss

(Cincinnati, OH)  — The Bengals head coach is explaining some of the late game decision-making that led to the team’s 23-20 overtime loss to the Steelers.  Coach Zac Taylor said he didn’t challenge the Ja’Marr Chase touchdown with just under three minutes left in the game because he didn’t have a definitive decision from the coaches’ booth.  Taylor was also asked about not bleeding more of the clock when he sent out the punt unit with just over a minute left in overtime.  He said the coaching staff felt fine with how the play was handled, but obviously you’d like to wind the clock down more before snapping.

>>Bengals Longsnapper Gets Second Opinion On Injury

(Cincinnati, OH)  — Cincinnati is hoping to get better news on a key member of special teams.  Longsnapper Clark Harris suffered a biceps injury during the team’s loss to the Steelers and reporters said yesterday the veteran is getting a second opinion.  The 38-year-old is hoping to avoid season-ending surgery and said he won’t retire if that’s the case.