Preliminary hearing held for Glass Avenue armed home invasion suspect

One of the suspects charged in connection with a recent armed home invasion of Charles “Birddog” Paige has had his charge amended and sent to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing Friday morning.

Eighteen-year-old Korey Zivotin appeared alongside defense attorney Jason Holland and Hopkinsville Police Department Detective Jason Sears in Christian District Court, with Detective Sears saying there could be as many as seven suspects involved.  He says the suspects entered the home of Paige firing at least one gun, and Paige returned fire in self-defense.

He says the perpetrators allegedly threatened to kill Paige if he didn’t comply.

No one was injured in the shooting. Detective Sears says the suspects allegedly conducted reconnaissance on the residence before the attempted robbery.

He says Zivotin has given no incriminating testimony in the case, and he could not say for sure who fired the gun or if Zivotin was the first one into the residence.

After hearing the testimony, District Judge Foster Cotthoff sent the amended charge of complicity to first-degree robbery to the grand jury for consideration of indictment. Zivotin had originally been charged with first-degree robbery.