Primary voting continues until 6 p.m.

Business has picked up a little in the afternoon hours for voting in Christian County, while it’s still been slow-going in many places.

Christian County Clerk Mike Kem says turnout has been better in the afternoon than in the morning and the biggest challenge for poll workers has ensuring each voter gets the proper ballot since they can choose one of eight voting centers to cast their ballot.

There are eight locations to vote in Christian County and any Democrat or Republican can vote at any of these locations: the Bruce Convention Center, Oak Grove Valor Hall, South Christian Elementary School, Sinking Fork Baptist Church, Pembroke Baptist Church, Crofton City Hall, the Christian County Senior Citizens Center, and Christian County Courthouse.

Meanwhile, Todd County maintained their traditional precincts for the primary and County Clerk Cindy O’Bryan says turnout will be low, but there’s been a steady trickle of voters.

Todd County is using all new voting machines for the primary and O’Bryan says it’s been a success, thus far.

Trigg County Clerk Carmen Finley says they had a 12-percent voter turnout at their seven voting centers across the county as of about 4:30 p.m. and she was hoping for a late surge.

Trigg County has seven voting locations where any registered voter can cast their ballot: the Trigg County EOC, The Way on Lafayette Street, East Golden Pond Fire Department, Cerulean Fire Department, Trigg County Complex Convention Center, South Road Fire Department and Trigg-Lyon Fire Department.

Polls close at 6 p.m. and anyone standing in line at 6 will be allowed to vote.

Anyone seeing suspicious activity at a polling place can reach the Attorney General’s Election Fraud Hotline by calling 1-800-328-VOTE. One call had been received from Christian County, as of about 2 p.m., and it was regarding a potential campaign violation.

We will have live election coverage beginning after CBS News at 6 p.m. on Lite Rock 98.7 and online at