Possible tornado causes significant damage in Hopkinsville

A possible tornado caused significant damage on the east side of Hopkinsville New Year’s Day morning.

There were no tornado watches or warnings in effect at about 9:30 a.m., with Hopkinsville Fire Department Lt. Payton Rogers saying the first indication of trouble was a call of a tree on a home on Walnut Street near East 12th St.

The East Ninth Street Family Dollar sustained significant damage, as did the Marathon gas station directly across the street and Southern States along the same path.

There was damage at the old Elk Brand building and at least three homes along the path. There were no reports of injuries, though one person did have to go to the hospital because they needed supplemental oxygen and power was out at their home.

Severe damage was done to Mount Olive Baptist Church on East Fourth Street, where Ardell Owens said they would be needing to find another place to meet for a significant period of time.

Lt. Rogers says it will be up to the National Weather Service to determine officially if it was a tornado or straight-line winds.

Raymond Hurt of 100 McLean Avenue doesn’t need a survey team to tell him what it was, as he says he was working on his pickup outside his home when he saw the tornado headed his way.

He says it was a frightening experience and a reminder to keep an eye on the sky when there’s a risk for severe weather.

Hurt couldn’t estimate the size of the tornado, but just knew he had to get out of its way.

Power outages were reported across the south and east sides of Hopkinsville and there was standing water in all of the usual places from heavy rain that came after the possible tornado.

Listen to entire interview with Raymond Hurt below:

Walnut Street damage to home


Mount Olive Baptist Church damage/photo provided by Ardell Owens

Mount Olive Baptist Church damage/photo provided by Ardell Owens