Pre-orders underway for Christian Co. themed Monopoly game

Citizens could soon have the chance to own a Christian County centric Monopoly style board game through the Christian County Chamber of Commerce and thanks to partnerships in the community.

Chamber Director of Membership and Fundraising Robin Tabor says it will play just like a classic monopoly game, but with Christian County themed properties and tokens.

She says instead of community chest and chance cards, there will be Planter’s Bank and Jennie Stuart Health sponsor cards, and the board itself is sponsored by SAFE Construction. They’re keeping the tokens a secret for now, but Tabor says you’ll definitely see recognizable pieces.

Tabor says if you pre-order the board you can have it for $21, but it will be $27.50 after the pre-order date passes, which is May 1.

Games are expected to arrive to the Chamber in early June.  For more information, contact the Chamber at (270) 885-9096.