Marsy’s Law to be on ballot this fall

Marsy’s Law to amend the state constitution to create a bill of rights for victims of crime in Kentucky will be on the ballot again in November after it received passage by the Kentucky General Assembly.

The amendment would ensure crime victims have the right to notice of court proceedings, the right to be present in court proceedings, the right for victims to have a voice throughout the legal process, and the right to be made aware of any changes in their offenders’ custodial status.

It’s been sponsored the last several years by state Senator Whitney Westerfield of Christian County, who says he’s thankful Kentuckians will have the opportunity to decide in November.

He notes voters approved the measure by a wide margin last year, but the Supreme Court ruled the ballot question wasn’t worded properly, which has since been addressed.

In other General Assembly action this week, lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto on legislation requiring individuals to show a photo ID to vote in Kentucky elections. Republican legislators say the measure could prevent voter fraud, while Governor Andy Beshear believes the measure would suppress turnout and notes government offices where one would get an ID are closed by the pandemic.