Report: Woman threatened to burn business down to get car back

The woman arrested Thursday night for DUI after striking a trailer in the Hopkinsville Police Department parking lot was arrested again Monday for threatening to burn down the location where her vehicle was being kept.

A Christian County Sheriff’s Department arrest citation for 32-year old Jessica Cates of Hopkinsville says she called ECC and said she was going to smoke a marijuana cigarette, get into her red Cadillac, run through the fence at Keith’s Towing and burn it down to get her car back.

Sgt. Jeff Goulet arrested her for third-degree terroristic threatening at a location on Powell Road.

As previously reported, Cates drove the wrong direction into the parking lot behind HPD that’s reserved for officers and employees Thursday night and struck a city-owned trailer. She then backed up and fled the scene, driving over a curb to get back onto West First Street.

Officers found her in the parking lot of the post office, where she had struck another vehicle.

Police said she performed poorly on field sobriety tests and admitted to striking another car and a fence at Discount Liquors.

She was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident following those incidents.