Indictments returned for sexual abuse, complicity

A Christian County Grand Jury returned indictments for first-degree sexual abuse and multiple counts of complicity of intimidating a participant in the legal process.

Indicted for first-degree sexual abuse is 28-year old Tyler Francis of Hopkinsville, who is alleged to have ripped off a juvenile female’s underwear on a church bus and inserted his fingers inside of her in April. Hopkinsville Police officers spoke with church personnel and the bus driver and identified Francis as the suspect. The driver told investigators where he had dropped Frances off after church and officers located him at the Hillside Terrace location.

The report says Frances admitted to inappropriately touching the victim’s private areas while on the bus and he was arrested for first-degree sexual abuse.

Indicted on five counts of complicity to intimidating a participant in the legal process and five counts of complicity to tampering with physical evidence is 21-year old Daniel Hallberg. Hallberg is alleged to have worked in conjunction with Jacob Laws and went to the home of five juveniles to intimidate and threaten them.  He allegedly demanded they destroy evidence on their phone of a group chat and to not cooperate with police in relation to an incident where a male juvenile made threats to shoot people at Hopkinsville High School after spring break.