This is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

This is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week and it’s a time to show appreciation to emergency dispatchers who are local communities’ lifeline to help in times of crisis.

Hopkinsville Police Chief Clayton Sumner notes that they don’t just answer the phone and send help, they are trained to assist the caller to take action when seconds matter.

Some of the stress comes from talking to callers in their worst moments and then having to turn them over to emergency personnel without knowing what happens.

Chief Sumner hopes the community will use this week as an opportunity to show its appreciation to the men and women who answer the phone when they dial 911.

Todd County Dispatch Director Tammy Dailey recently said that she and some of her co-workers will be traveling to adjoining counties to show appreciation to other dispatchers they often talk to on the phone, but who they never see.

Kentucky State Police issued a statement Monday, saying their telecommunicators received a total of 493,186 requests for assistance last year.

Commissioner Rick Sanders says, “It’s a noble calling that can provide a very fulfilling, admirable and honorable career.”