HES details fiber optic expansion, prices and construction

Hopkinsville Electric System and Energynet gave an update Tuesday afternoon about their efforts to expand fiber optic capabilities in the city, including detailing pricing and construction.

President and CEO Jeff Hurd says that by bringing the gigabit internet service to Hopkinsville, it will position the community to meet the technological demands of its residents, businesses and infrastructure. The service would be 100 times faster than what is currently offered, with a 45 minute show able to be downloaded in 1.7 seconds.

Telecommunication Manager Richard Shaw detailed the three packages that will be offered, including standard home, gaming edition and full speed.

The price for the home package would be approximately $60 per month, the gaming addition would be about $80 and the full speed is around $100, both monthly. Shaw says their internet service would provide customers with an option besides traditional cable companies by bringing better streaming abilities.

Right now, only a few neighborhoods have fiber optic capabilities already in place, but for those interested in getting the service in their area, Shaw urges them to go online to goenergynet.com and input their address.

Construction is set to begin in certain areas in October and efforts will continue take place from there. Shaw says that sometime in the future, they could also extend that service past the city limits, depending on where in Christian County interest is high and construction feasible.

In addition to this info, HES unveiled their updated logo and slogan, “Let’s Connect.”