Black bear sighted in Muhlenberg County

Photo taken by Isome Sapp

A trail camera on a farm near Carter Creek Road in Muhlenberg County captured an unusual visitor to western Kentucky on Friday—a black bear.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Information Specialist Kevin Kelly spoke with WHOP News and says while they’re not common in this part of the state, young male black bears—which this one likely was—are known to wander during the summer months.

Black bears are common in southeastern Kentucky but Kelly says it’s doubtful that’ll happen in western Kentucky, as they tend to stick to more mountainous terrain. He says this one and others like him will eventually head back home, but if you come across a bear, do not approach them and definitely do not feed them.

Kelly says you can also wait to put your trash out until the day it’s collected, because bears are attracted to the smells of food and may damage garbage cans or other property. He says black bears are very rarely a danger to people, unless they are mothers with babies, and most of all he encourages people to enjoy the sight as they were once extinct in the state.

For more tips on how to deal with bears or for more information on the animals, visit the department’s website here.