Funding passage benefits Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell will benefit from the passage of the John S. McCain 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which recently passed the U.S. Senate and now goes to the President for his signature.

The $716 billion act allocates some funds for multiple projects at the base, including $18 million for a micro-grid and power plant, $62.6 million for Fort Campbell Middle School, $32 million for a vehicle maintenance shop, $9.1 million towards a special operations urban live fire range, $5.1 for a helicopter training facility and $5.4 million for a support operations facility. The bill also gives troops a pay raise.

Christian County Chamber of Commerce President Kelli Pendleton says, “This bill authorizes funding for key projects at Fort Campbell while supporting the base’s valuable service members and their families, and we thank Senator Mitch McConnell for his leadership in passing the legislation.”

Senator McConnell says, “This legislation authorizes programs which will contribute to the combat readiness of America’s military to meet emerging and persistent global threats. It also helps ensure our service members and their families will receive the full support of a grateful nation.”