Woman charged with assault of an officer, escape

The Christian County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Hopkinsville woman Friday afternoon on multiple charges, including assault of a law enforcement officer and escape.

According to the police report, deputies responded to Peach Street for reports of a woman trying to harm herself with a knife. Upon arrival, contact was made with 25-year old Hannah McCaskill of Hopkinsville, who told officers she no longer wanted to hurt herself but she had earlier.

She had reportedly been involved in a physical altercation with a male while he was attempting to take the knife from her before police arrival, and she allegedly slapped him in the face. McCaskill allegedly screamed and cussed deputies, causing alarm to neighbors. She was arrested and placed into the back of a cruiser, where she allegedly slammed her head against the screen in the vehicle.

She was able to slip from her handcuffs and when deputies went to put them back on her, she allegedly fought them, scratching two deputies and attempting to hit them twice. Once at the jail, McCaskill allegedly kicked a deputy jailer.

McCaskill is charged with third-degree assault of an officer, second-degree escape, resisting arrest, disordering conduct, fourth-degree assault and menacing.