Former murder suspect reports burglary

An Oak Grove man reported a burglary at his home Sunday night.

Sixty-three year old Darrell Tidwell told Christian County Sheriff’s Deputy Will Meyers that his air conditioner doesn’t work at his Carter Road home and that he sleeps during the day and stays up with his dogs at night.

Sometime during the day Sunday Tidwell says someone entered his home and took a television. The suspect or suspects vandalized a plaque on his front porch and the bumper of his car with spray paint before leaving.

Tidwell took an Alford plea in 2013 to a reckless homicide charge for the 2011 shooting death of his 86-year old father at his Carter Road home. Tidwell contended his father pointed a gun at him and that it accidentally discharged during a struggle over the gun.

He was released from jail on parole soon after the deal was reached.