HWEA running new gas line to provide redundancy to Fort Campbell

Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority is in the process of constructing a new natural gas line that will provide redundancy of service to Fort Campbell.

Mike Beck with HWEA spoke to Christian Fiscal Court Tuesday morning, saying the approximately $9 million project takes an 8-inch high-pressure natural gas line from Pembroke Road to South Park on Fort Campbell Boulevard and requires the utility to cut through a section of John Rives Road.

He says Fort Campbell solicited bids from agencies desiring to construct the project and HWEA was selected.

Beck says Altria and other industries along the route will eventually have access to the new gas line.

HWEA will partner with Atmos Energy, which will be the natural gas supplier. Beck says while HWEA doesn’t have a vast amount of experience running gas line, they have a knowledgeable team of consultants and engineers.

In other business, Hopkinsville City Administrative Officer Troy Body introduced himself to the court. Judge-Executive Steve Tribble notified magistrates he’s received a letter from a property owner on Billy Rogers Road who wants the tenth-of-a-mile gravel road to be closed to the public. He says he will appoint a group to look at the road off Dawson Springs Road to see if closing it would cause any issues.