Legislative task force looking at Ky. tax structure

State Representative Jason Petrie of Elkton is the only local representation on the Kentucky Tax Expenditure Task Force and he says their work got off to a productive start when they met last week for the first time this summer.

The group was established to analyze Kentucky’s tax expenditures in an effort to end outdated provisions and to close tax loopholes.

The General Assembly approved tax reform legislation in the 2018 session that Representative Petrie says will likely be the first step in overall tax code modernization.

He says the task force is looking at which tax exemptions are working and which have outlived their purpose.

While the lawmakers on the task force may have an eye on the bigger picture, Petrie says they must stick to the mission they were established with—to analyze tax expenditures.

The group will meet at least once a month through the end of the year.