Man and two runaway teens arrested for burglary

A Hopkinsville man and two runaway juveniles from Louisville were arrested for burglary at an Old Fruithill Road home Friday evening.

Christian County Sheriff’s Sgt. James Drago and State Trooper Hunter Carroll were called to 12748 Old Fruit Hill Road about 6:30 p.m. and found 25-year old Carl Tehada of Hopkinsville standing inside the front door.

He admitted two other people had been inside, but didn’t know where they were. Police found a 15-year old female and a 16-year old female—both from Louisville—hiding in deep freezers.

A computer check showed both teens were reported as runaways in Jefferson County.

The owner of the property said no one had permission to be in the home.

All three suspects were arrested for second-degree burglary and Tehada with unlawful transaction with a minor.