Todd Co. Sheriff warns about IRS scam

Todd County Sheriff Tracy White is warning the public about a scam affecting citizens of Todd County where the scammers are pretending to be with the IRS.

In a video posted to Facebook Thursday, Sheriff White details the scam, saying they have gotten several calls of people who have been targeted. The caller pretends to be with the IRS and threatens the victim that the Todd County Sheriff Department will arrest them if they don’t pay a certain amount in back taxes immediately.  This scam could affect not only Todd County, but surrounding counties as well.

The IRS does not operate this way and Sheriff White presses that the IRS will only contact people by mail and the sheriff’s department is not arresting anyone over taxes. He encourages people to share their knowledge of the scam and tell others about it so no one will fall victim.

Similar scams have been reported by the Oak Grove Police Department.

See the message from Sheriff White below: