Circuit Court Clerk candidates meet in Focus 21st Century debate

With the primary election a little under two weeks away, the democratic candidates for Circuit Court Clerk once again met in debate Thursday evening at a Focus 21st Century political forum.

Trent Haddock and Paige Parker were allowed time to introduce themselves and explain why they felt they were the best choice for the position, which manages the office that handles all paperwork and money that comes through the court system.

In relation to making the office more transparent, Parker says she would be interested in starting a website for the local office and being more active on social media.

Haddock agreed with creating a social media page and also said utilizing local media would help get information to the public.

Both candidates felt that whoever sits in the position of circuit court clerk should be more active in the community, with Haddock saying it’s important to know the community and have them know what the office does.

Parker says she wants to get the deputy clerks more involved in the community as well so the office as whole can be in touch with the people they serve.

Several topics were discussed, including increasing the diversity of the staff at the Christian County Justice Center, what experience with leadership they have and what they would change about the office if elected.