Charges against former Oak Grove officer could be dismissed

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The charges against former Oak Grove Police Officer Ben Walden could be dropped, after the Commonwealth moved to have the case against him dismissed Wednesday in Christian Circuit Court.

Walden is charged with rape, sodomy, intimidating a participant in the legal process, retaliating against a participant in the legal process, tampering with evidence, official misconduct, permitting prostitution, terroristic threatening and fourth-degree assault.

Special prosecutor Ralph Vick, the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Muhlenberg County, made a motion to dismiss the charges without prejudice to Judge Andrew Self, citing a lack of evidence that would end in a conviction for Walden.

Rick Boling represents Walden and says the alleged victim in the case has falsely reported incidents before and forensic evidence shows that Walden did not have sexual relations with her.

Judge Self took the motion under advisement, saying he wants a complete, detailed list of reasons why Vick wants to drop the charges before he makes a ruling.

Proceedings were continued to May 11, when Judge Self will have a ruling on whether to dismiss or not, though Boling says he is very confident he will rule in Walden’s favor.