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Meet Tyler DeArmond


Over the past 14 years, Tyler has served the citizens of Christian County while employed as an officer with the Hopkinsville Police Department and now as a Patrol Lieutenant. Tyler credits his experience as one of the reasons he will be successful as the next Sheriff of Christian County.  Read more about Tyler’s career in law enforcement and the experience he has that makes him the best choice for Christian County Sheriff.


In his time at the Hopkinsville Police Department, the Christian County native gained experience in many different facets of law enforcement through roles such as:

  • Patrolman
  • Honor Guard
  • SWAT Officer
  • Field Training Officer
  • K9 Officer
  • Street Crimes Unit
  • Narcotics Officer
  • Patrol Sergeant
  • Special Operations Sergeant
  • Detective Sergeant over Investigations


For a more comprehensive look at Tyler’s experience, click to review his resume and training history.


Over the course of his career, Tyler has had the opportunity to work both within the city as well as the rural areas of the county.  As the Sheriff of Christian County, Tyler will be able to bring his understanding and experience from these various roles throughout his law enforcement career to the role of Sheriff.


Further contributing to his experience, Tyler has spent the last nine years managing a business right here in Christian County.  As a business owner does, Tyler has managed every aspect of the business, and as recognition of his successful management (as well as the community’s support of his business), Tyler has been able to grow DDS Lawn Care to one of the largest lawn care companies in Christian County.



We cannot have a safe and secure community without working together toward a common goal.  With that comes honesty.  Holding the office of Sheriff of Christian County requires honesty, integrity, and respect. The Sheriff of Christian County is a public office, and as such is an office that is accountable to its community.  As Sheriff of Christian County, Tyler will bring transparency to the office, sharing information with the public immediately.  Communication between the department and the people of Christian County, the people that Tyler will serve, is crucial to achieve the trust needed to have a safe community.

Tyler will bring his core values of honesty, integrity and respect to the role of Sheriff of Christian County.



Tyler and his wife Shanon have chosen their home of Christian County to raise their two boys. Making Christian County a safer community to live, to work and to raise a family is Tyler’s priority.  Under Tyler’s leadership, the Sheriff’s Department of Christian County will make it their mission to make Christian County a safer place, combatting drugs and fighting crimes.  Tyler’s vast law enforcement experience ranging from patrolman to investigative roles include specializing in drug and street crimes.  Tyler will bring that experience to promote safety and security throughout our county.


Through the continued improvement of community engagement, the Christian County Sheriff’s Department will work together with the people it serves to ensure a safe community.  Continuously building the relationship between the Christian County Sheriff’s department and the community serves several purposes, from making the department more approachable for those that observe illegal activity, to always holding the department itself accountable to those it serves.  A higher patrol visibility and communication is an essential piece of this increased community engagement.

If you want to know more about Tyler’s Campaign, visit him on Facebook below.