Fort Campbell Boulevard collision results in possible injuries

Officers from the Hopkinsville Police Department responded to a collision at the intersection of Fort Campbell Boulevard and Clinic Drive late Tuesday evening.

According to a report, Sydney Boyd of Hopkinsville was driving north-bound on Fort Campbell Boulevard when Brittney Morris of Hopkinsville pulled in front of him while attempting a left turn onto Clinic Drive. Boyd struck Morris’s front passengers side, both cars reportedly sustained moderate damage.

 While both drivers claimed to have the right of way at time of collision, security camera footage allegedly shows the left turn light remained red when Morris attempted her turn. The north bound traffic light was green when Boyd attempted to pass through the intersection.

Boyd was driving with two passengers at the time of collision. Boyd and the backseat passenger reportedly complained of minor pain after the accident. The backseat passenger allegedly took a personal vehicle to Jennie Stuart Medical Center.

 The front passenger complained of multiple injuries and was transferred to Jennie Stuart Medical Center by EMS.  Morris complained of head and neck pain but reportedly declined EMS transport.

Story by Reporter Jordan Spaulding