Hopkinsville Mayor provides city cleaning updates

Throughout his term as mayor of Hopkinsville, J.R. Knight has emphasized the importance of cleaning up the city and reviving abandoned properties and he recently appeared on WHOP to share an update on those efforts.

Since taking office, Knight shared that the city has acquired 17 abandoned properties and have 18 demolition projects that are in progress.

Knight shared that some of the acquired properties have been purchased by the Lot Next Door Program which serves to put vacant and abandoned properties back into use. Knight says the program is working with Community and Development Services (CDS) to build new houses on the lots.

As lots are being revived, Knight says to expect to see new homes popping up in the city for rent and ownership.

Along with talking about abandoned lots, Knight shared recent city code enforcement changes. At the start of 2024 code enforcement procedures were taken over by the Hopkinsville Fire Department after being handled by CDS.

Knight says residents will start seeing code enforcement trucks with officers checking yards and houses.

More information about the city’s clean up efforts can be found at hopkinsvilleky.us.