Coroner releases cause of death for Madisonville child

The Hopkins County Coroner’s Office has released more details about the death of an eight-year-old in March. 

According to a news release from Coroner Jeff Mayfield, the cause of death for eight-year-old Trey Major Harris has been ruled as “fentanyl intoxication” and the manner of death was ruled as “undetermined”.

Harris died on March 15 at Baptist Health Deaconess in Madisonville, after being rushed there after possibly eating strawberries the night before. 

That sparked an investigation into strawberries that were sold as part of a fundraiser for Madisonville North Hopkins High School and Hopkins County Central High School athletics, with the Hopkins County Health Department advising people to not eat the strawberries as a precaution. 

As of Tuesday, the health department issued a statement saying the received results from the Food and Drug Administration on the strawberries, showing they were negative for any foodborne illnesses or any other defects or contamination. 

Antonio Person was arrested in March and charged with trafficking in fentanyl and other drugs charges in relation to the investigation—he is now facing a second-degree manslaughter charge.