Charges against Burse dismissed in Sharpe Street murder case

The case has been dismissed against Mory Burse—the man previously charged in the 2021 fatal shooting of Devon Kendrick—following a hearing in Christian Circuit Court Monday morning.

Trigg County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Chad Nelson is the special prosecutor in this case and he put forth the motion to dismiss the charges of murder and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon against Burse without prejudice. He informed the court that through his research and investigation into the case, he just doesn’t believe there’s enough to evidence to prove Burse was the shooter on Sharpe Street that night. 

He says the Hopkinsville Police Department is continuing to investigate, but Cortez Hairston Jr. has emerged as an alternative suspect.

He goes on to say there are conflicting witness testimonies concerning the shooting that resulted in the death of Kendrick.

Defense attorney Ramon McGee was grateful to Nelson for his diligence in this matter, saying the evidence has been plain from the beginning that Burse was innocent of these charges.

Judge Andrew Self granted the motion to dismiss without prejudice, saying that does mean Burse could one day be reindicted on these charges in the event that further evidence comes forward.

Burse will be released from his ankle monitor.