National Weather Service urging preparedness as we head into the fall severe weather season

As we start to head into the fall season, that does mean the possibility of a return of severe weather, and the National Weather Service is urging people to take the time to prepare now, as this week is Fall Severe Weather Awareness Week. 

The National Weather Service in Paducah is putting out preparedness tips and safety information this week, and Warning Coordination Meteorologist Christine Wielgos says as we head into cooler months, conditions ripen in the atmosphere to make an environment good for storm development.  Which means some of those could become severe, and in fact this area experiences a second peak severe weather season during the fall months. 

Weilgos says that means you need to make sure you’re weather aware—stay tuned to your local news stations and make sure you have multiple ways to receive severe weather warnings, especially at night.

Tornadoes are not out of the question during the fall months, and Wielgos says a battery-operated weather radio is a great resource to have.

Take the time to go over your emergency plans now in the event of severe weather or a tornado, especially with children, and make sure that everyone knows where the sturdiest, inner-most room of your residence is, if you do not have a basement.

Wielgos says every severe weather event is different and can change rapidly from one minute to the next, so staying connected to a source that can keep you informed during bad weather is vital. And because there’s less daylight during the fall months, that means a good portion of severe weather can happen after dark, where its harder to keep your eye on the sky. 

For more information about severe weather preparedness, you can visit the National Weather Service in Paducah on Facebook.