HFD, CCSO puts out warning about local scams

The Christian County Sheriff’s Department and the Hopkinsville Fire Department are putting out a warning about scams going around locally trying to prey on citizens. 

Some residents have been receiving phone calls recently where the scammer is acting as though they are from either the fire department or the sheriff’s department. For the fire department scam, the perpetrator tries to solicit donations on behalf of the department.  HFD says they will never call you on the phone to ask for donations. 

For the Christian County Sheriff’s Department, the scammer is posing as Lt. Scott Smith or Major Ricky Burgess and tell people that they have a warrant for missing jury duty. The scammers are attempting to get your personal information, or gift card payments over the phone. 

The department says they will never call someone to tell them they have a warrant, and remind people to never give out personal information over the phone, and if someone is asking you to give them a gift card over the phone, simply hang up.