NatureFest brings fun and families to Jeffers’ Bend Environmental Center

The weather was perfect as kids got to canoe on the lake, paint pumpkins, pet animals and learn all they could about nature at Jeffer’s Bend Environmental Center Saturday for NatureFest.

There was plenty to see and do and almost all of it was educational, with organizer Charles Turner saying that’s what NatureFest and Jeffer’s Bend is all about—giving kids a chance to learn something new about nature while having fun with their families.

He says they had some additional booths at NatureFest this year as they carried over some Hummingbird Festival events since that event had to be canceled due to weather, and there were also water activities as well.

If you’re looking for more nature education, on Wednesday they’ll have Arborist Mike Perry at Jeffer’s Bend from 10 a.m. until noon to teach about how to watch out for unhealthy trees and how to keep your own trees.

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