Joy Closet sets fundraising goal, sets sights on the future at banquet

The Joy Closet celebrated a year of growth and community service at their annual banquet earlier this week, as they look to expand their reach even further in the future.

Founder and Director Heather Gray says the Joy Closet has already grown larger than she could have dreamed, but she knows they can go even further. She says if you had told her in the beginning where this non-profit initiative would go so quickly, she would have laughed.

They have plans to expand their services to older foster children who age out of the system, to those who need a mentor now to help them through troubled times and more, and to fund those endeavors, Gray says they’re looking to raise $300,000.

All money raised would go right back into supporting their foster families and especially the children, of which they served over 600 individuals in the last year.

Attendees were able to hear from a panel of foster parents talking about the joy of fostering and how the Joy Closet has really helped in their efforts, from guest speakers talking about the numerous programs they offer and more.

To donate to the cause, or to become a mentor through the Eagle Fly program, or to find out more about becoming a foster parent, contact the Joy Closet via Facebook or give them a call at (270) 632-1232.

GROWING HOPE | 2023 Joy Closet Banquet Dinner

Join us for a time to celebrate the last year and learning more about what the future holds for Joy Closet.

Posted by Joy Closet on Wednesday, August 23, 2023