Trial set for July for Trigg woman charged with murder of baby

While negotiations will continue toward a possible plea deal, one hasn’t been reached yet for the Trigg County woman accused of killing her baby and putting his body in the attic.

Attorney Katy Riley represents 29-year old Shaylynn Curtis of Cadiz and says if they aren’t able to resolve the case by an April 12 hearing, they’ll likely proceed as if trial will happen July 24.

Curtis was arrested in October of 2021 for abuse of a corpse after she allegedly wrapped her deceased five-month old son in a blanket and placed him in the attic of her East Adams Mill Road home, while having never sought medical care for him.

A state medical examiner determined the infant’s death was due to acute methamphetamine intoxication.

The case was presented to the Trigg County grand jury last year and it indicted Curtis for murder.