Protest held questioning circumstances of assistant commonwealth’s attorney firing

A group of Christian County citizens gathered at the Christian County Justice Center Wednesday morning seeking clarification about the recent firing of now former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Bolen.

Around 50 people held signs and demanded answers in the incident, specifically from Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Boling, with Cary Sharber saying they are looking for answers to questions they have about the incident, calling the circumstances suspicious since Bolen is running for election.

Reverend Perry Greenwade feels reasons he has heard—which includes that Bolen attended a funeral at the time of court proceedings—cannot be the real reason for her firing.

Vance Smith says he finds it hypocritical that the commonwealth’s attorney can let Bolen go, when he himself is facing possible future disciplinary action concerning conduct of his own.

Several in attendance called for an ‘internal investigation’ into the incident, and Sharber says it’s likely there will be further demonstrations until they get answers. Stephanie Bolen is running for Christian circuit judge in Division II against longtime incumbent Judge John Atkins, and the two will face off on the ballot in the non-partisan race in November.

WHOP News reached out to Rick Boling for any possible comments, but has not received a response as of the time of the initial posting of this story.