Pennyroyal Charity Horse Show to benefit Pennyroyal Hospice Saturday

Pennyroyal Hospice is gearing up for a unique fundraiser this Saturday at Oak Grove Racing, Gaming and Hotel.

The Pennyroyal Charity Horse Show is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. Saturday and Pennyroyal Hospice Executive Director Kelly Martin told the Rotary Club of Hopkinsville Tuesday says it’ll be a fun event that raises money to support Hospice and through them, the patients they serve.

He says they’re dedicated in helping those who need aid at the end of their life, and they serve five counties.

Pennyroyal Hospice accepts donations at all times of the year, which can be made by going online to  Martin says they typically serve around 40 individuals a day with various forms of care, from medical to mental health to grief counseling and more.