South Elm Street shooting suspect released on ankle monitor as lawyers work towards resolution

One of the suspects charged in connection with a July shooting incident at West First and South Elm Street was released on an ankle monitor following a hearing in Christian Circuit Court Tuesday morning.

Michael Croney appeared before Judge John Atkins with the plan to accept a plea deal, but told the judge he could not agree to plead guilty to any gun charges, as the guns in questions both don’t belong to him and he says were not in his possession at the time of the incident. Judge Atkins says it seems Croney is willing to work with the Commonwealth to reach some type of agreement, but he wants to give his new attorney—Jason Holland—time to work something out.

A pretrial hearing was set for October 19, with Judge Atkins releasing Croney on his own recognizance in the meantime to find employment and care for family members.

His conditions of release include a curfew, and a strict admonishment to not go anywhere near Richard Street or Sanderson Drive.

The Hopkinsville Police Department charged Croney and 24-year old Toddarius Polk of Hopkinsville with attempted assault in the first-degree and first-degree wanton endangerment on July 7, with Croney also charged with third-degree terroristic threatening.

Police allege multiple shots were fired toward a moving and occupied vehicle during an altercation just after 8:30 a.m., with the victim able to drive away uninjured to call police.

Two of the rounds struck the vehicle, with one shattering a window and the other hitting the rear of the car.